Skybirth meditation stools


Possibly, the most unique gift to yourself or loved one on your most special occasion.

Have you ever wondered what the night sky above your head was like the instant you were born? The skybirth meditation stools give you a good visual of what was out there. I was pleasantly surprised to see the ‘Seven Sisters or Pleidian system directly above my head at the exact time i was born.

In order to map the heavens above you at the exact instance of your birth I need your place of birth (village, town city, country), year and time of birth. If you cannot provide precise information on time of birth I will default to 18:00 hours your time. Regardless of where in the world you were born I can provide you with an accurate skybirth meditation stool. The yellow spot at the bottom of the skybirth meditation stool is you looking up at your skybirth moment!!

If you are not into meditation using a stool I can also do this as a painting so that you can hang it on a wall and I will also do the skybirth constellation on a clock face.

The other piece of information I would need is your height and whether you prefer an ‘under the bum’ or ‘Burmese-style’ meditation stool.

This sturdy stool is designed to sit on in a kneeling position and is angled in order to support your back, legs and knees so that you can meditate or pray in a comfortable position for longer periods of time.

Our standard size stool (as shown on the pictures) will feel comfortable to most people. However, if you are over 6ft (1m80) tall and a little less flexible, you may prefer a taller stool (please see dimensions below). If so, just let us know in the additional information box upon check out. Alternatively, if you know what dimensions you would like, you can contact us for a custom order request and we would be very happy to create a custom stool for you.

Dimensions (approximate):
Length: 48cm / 19 inches
Depth: 22cm / 8.5 inches
Height: 15cm / 6 inches (front) and 19cm / 7.5 inches (back) (*if you would like the taller stool measuring 18.5cm /7.3in at the front and 22cm / 8.5in at the back, please let us know in the additional information box upon check out)

Weight: 2.8kg

**Please note that our meditation stools have fixed brackets and do not have folding legs. **

This product is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks to make it plus shipping time.

Please note:
All Touchwood products are lovingly hand-crafted from sustainable wood and low VOC durable paints. Each creation is unique with no two brush-strokes the same and as each product is made to order, there may be some slight variations to the product shown on the pictures. Please remember that there may also be some variations and irregularities in the wood, which we believe adds to the character of the product. We will only send you a high quality product that we are proud of and which is imbibed with positive energies.

We ship worldwide. If you live outside the UK, please contact us for a quote

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