Set of 7 mini chakra paintings


A beautiful set of seven small mandala paintings, one for each colour of the seven chakras. Each chakra wooden plaque is painted by hand with its respective dominant colour as well as some glitter paint:
– red for the base chakra
– orange for the sacral chakra
– yellow for the solar plexus chakra
– green for the heart chakra
– blue for the throat chakra
– indigo for the third eye (brow) chakra
– purple for the crown chakra.

The plaques are then varnished to give them added protection and durability.

Whether you choose to hang the plaques vertically, horizontally or in an arch, this chakra set will add colour, beauty and harmony to your living space! Alternatively, it would make a wonderful gift for a spiritual friend or relative who enjoys meditation, yoga or working with energies.

Dimensions for each plaque (approximate):
10cm x 10cm / 4 x 4 inches

***Please allow up to a week from the time of ordering for us to lovingly create this set of mandalas (shipping time should be added on top of this).

Also, please note that as each mandala is made to order and as many of the colours are mixed at the time when they are needed, all colours may not always be replicated exactly as on the pictures, although we will try and match the mandala as closely as possible to the one on the photos. This guarantees a completely unique product, made just for you! Also, please remember that there may also be some variations and irregularities in the wood, which we believe adds to the character of the product. We will only send you a high quality product that we are proud of and which is imbibed with positive energies. ***


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