Meditation stool with Lotus flower motif


The stool sports the Lotus Flower symbol.  The lotus flower symbol signifies many diferent things to many different peoples and religions. I sense purity of intent when I gaze upon a lotus flower. The crown chakra is sometimes symbolised as a 1000 lotus petal flower because during a Kundalini piritual awakening, the petals of this flower symbolically open so that the quiet one within can once again merge with the All That Is.

This is also a ‘Burmese-type stool which you sit upon and fold your legs inwards. It is not very high off the ground and has a small fingerprint which lends itself to backpack travelling i.e. you can take it to your favourite retreat or beach easily and without effort.This stool is sold cheaper than most stools on this site because it is one of the earlier versions I made some years back. I will not make any more of this type but of course, the Lotus Flower lives on in other stool designs.

This stool is designed to sit on in a kneeling position and is angled in order to support your back, legs and knees so that you can meditate or pray in a comfortable position for longer periods of time.

Dimensions (approximate):
Length: 41cm / 15 inches
Depth: 20cm / 8  inches
Height: 8cm (rear) and 6.5 cm at front.

Weight: approximately 2 kg

**Please note that our meditation stools have fixed brackets and do not have folding legs. **

This product is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks to make it plus shipping time.

Please note:
All Touchwood products are lovingly hand-crafted from sustainable wood and low VOC durable paints. Each creation is unique with no two brush-strokes the same and as each product is made to order, there may be some slight variations to the product shown on the pictures. Please remember that there may also be some variations and irregularities in the wood, which we believe adds to the character of the product. We will only send you a high quality product that we are proud of and which is imbibed with positive energies.

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