What is your intent?

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What is your Intent?

what is your intent?


If conscious choice is the mover and provider of our current reality, intent is the umbrella in which it takes place. Without intent we are rudder-less and without spiritual compass. Intent is the internal thought before our next thought and intent plays itself out amongst a sea of infinite choices we make in every single moment of every single day.

A quick example: when you greet someone with ‘namaste’ or as the Zulu say in South Africa, “I see you”, you acknowledge much more than a cultural ‘hello’ to a fellow human being. Namaste means I see that in you which is also in me. Next time you meet someone for the first time, look them straight in the eyes and say “I see you”. The intent here is clear, transparent and easy to see, feel and experience. If you see everyone else as an extension of yourself, you would not wish him or her, any harm. There would be no wars, poverty or lack of anything. Each individual would function as a microcosm of the macrocosm  – the microcosm is also the macrocosm. There is no separation, nor de-lineation of anything – we are all different aspects of the One. This concept of Oneness equally includes the environment and all diversity that lives within its many ecospheres. Plastic bottles and extraction of fossil fuel production would collapse overnight because it would be seen as harmful to the environment and by definition, to us. Namaste simply implies that we are all in service to each other because we understand that everything is related and inter-dependent on each other and that all ultimately folds back into the One.

At the other end of the spectrum, another example of intent is talk betrayed by actions. For example, a popular phrase spouted by many politicians is “vote for me and I’ll set you free”. vote for me i'll set you freeTrue intent is not so easy to see as it is often clouded by vagaries of words and expression. Such individuals are in service to themselves and no-one else. Their buzz words are: get it whilst the going is good, what is mine is staying mine, what is yours is mine, competition, scarcity, value, ego and status. They are usually driven by the acquisition of things, especially money. Their first and primal thought is self and they also willingly give away their freedoms to feel ‘safe’ or ‘financially secure’.

Within these two polar attributes of ‘service to self and service to others’ we have a spectrum of infinite experiences in which to grow. As babies and often even teenagers we see the world through service to self and as we grow and mature spiritually we understand that we are all on a splendid journey back to ourselves. That journey encompasses the basic understandings that our base frequency is Love and when we embrace the needs of others as our own, we understand that we are all uniquely connected within the tapestries of Life. In that sense, what is your intent for all that follows?


There is a famous line from the best-selling Conversations with God series(1) that asks the reader confronted with a need to make a difficult choice or quick decision, “what would Love do next?”  This question simply reminds us who and what we are: we are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience.

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(1) Conversations with God Book 1 – An uncommon dialogue, Neale Donald Walsch (1995)

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