The Art of Positive Affirmations

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The Art of Positive Affirmations

The art of positive affirmations has nothing to do with ‘positive thinking’. Positive thinking is saying to oneself that everything is fine when perhaps it’s not. It is sort of like hoping that the horses that just bolted out of the stable will immediately return. Life does not work like that. Truth is we are powerful creators of our realities – thoughts begat creation. We can create consciously and purposefully or we can create our realities out of fear of self. What we fear is what we attract to ourselves and our reality then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy based on fear of this or that. The art of positive affirmation is to create something before you experience it i.e. to be it before that experience is born. The art of positive affirmations is to create your reality in the knowing that what you affirm is already in place.  It is always best to be a ‘driver’ within Life i.e. affirmer of positivity’ rather than be ‘driven’ i.e. positively thinking about changing stuff in one’s Life. The first is built on the understanding that what you affirm is already there, whereas the latter is built on hope. The art of positive affirmations is to understand that you are the ultimate creator of all that you experience and that everything in your life was brought to you, through you for you by you.

Some individuals suffer from low self-esteem or low self-worth. It is incredible to think that Hollywood stars like Judy Garland, Marilyn Munroe and a host of others simply thought that what they did on screen was never good enough. They could never reconcile their on-stage presence and merit from fans and producers with what they felt inside. Regardless of what they did in their professional lives, they felt themselves never good enough. That perception of self is just that, a ‘perception of never being good enough’. This is no more than a state of mind. Other individuals in a similar boat talk themselves into a perception of Life driving them to do things they do not want to do, whether its mathematics (too hard) or art (I am not creative enough).

Positive affirmation is another way of saying ‘I-Am’ beautiful, clever, articulate, affectionate, compassionate or loving and these thoughts or states of mind create our realities. It is impossible to ask for love if you are already that which you seek to be: LOVE.  There is much wisdom in the saying that ‘thoughts begat our realities’. The significant difference between positive affirmation and positive thinking is that the former is a knowing state and the latter is a seeking state. Individuals who live in their knowing state never question their state of being and just get on with Life. Positive thinking is a life mired in duality because the opposite of positivity is negativity; some of us do get caught in the duality of Life in which we constantly churn out thoughts that say, ‘am I good enough, beautiful enough, clever enough, spiritual enough to live the Life I want to lead’. Shakespeare summed this up beautifully: “to be or not to be, that is the question”.

Inevitably, and due to the nature of the type of societies we live in that champion competitiveness over co-operation, youth over old age, physical looks over inner beauty, many individuals forget who they are and their natural state of being. Our natural state of being is LOVE and this is exemplified by the look a new mother gives her just born child, an unconditional look of love. Some of us forget all of what we are and get caught up within the duality of Life itself.

Positive affirmations gently nudge or remind us who we are, where we came from and our purpose in Life. We are Life expressing itself exquisitely within Life. We are all born beautiful and absolutely perfect for that which we came here to experience.  Celebrate yourself and know that you already are that which you seek to be; positively affirm your intent within Life rather than hoping it may happen.



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