Creating an altar and sacred space (and how to look after it)

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An altar is a dedicated spot in your abode where you gather special, spiritual or religious objects. Creating an altar is a beautiful way to set your intention for practising a consciously spiritual life. Looking after your altar is a sacred ritual that helps you focus on your spiritual path.


Creating an altar

Where to create your altar is a personal choice, which of course also depends on your circumstances. Whether you choose to use an entire spare room as your sacred space, a low table in the corner of your bedroom or the mantelpiece or window sill of your tiny flat, the important thing is that it is in a place where you can go to have regular moments of peace and inner quiet.

  • First of all, physically clean the area around your chosen altar space by removing any dust and mess and then clear it energetically by burning some incense for example.
  • Gather the sacred objects you would like to have on your altar. These will be objects that you feel connected to and that inspire you spiritually, such as crystals, an incense holder, a candle or two, pictures of spiritual masters, an inspirational prayer, mantra, poem or quote etc. You may want to add some positive affirmations, mantra plaques or little Buddha paintings to your space which you can browse through on our website. I would also recommend keeping a small plate or area for regular offerings such as flowers or fruit.
  • Go within and connect to your objects. Use your intuition to arrange them one by one on your altar. Move them around until it feels right. Each object will have its own energy field and you will know if objects clash or come together.




Looking after your altar

Try and create a little routine when looking after your altar.

  • Burn incense every day and set clear intentions on what you would like to achieve. Envision the incense clearing the room and space as you surrender and trust within the workings of the Divine/Cosmos. You may want to ask the Cosmos that you become the biggest version of the greatest vision you ever held about yourself, or ask whatever feels relevant and right to you.
  • Make offerings of fresh flowers, seeds or fruit that you may have found along your walks within green spaces or Nature to help connect your altar to the beauty, sacredness and aliveness of the outside world.
  • Regularly clean and dust your sacred objects and hold any crystals under cold running water for a few minutes to re-energise them.
  • Ideally spend a few minutes every day sitting peacefully in front of your altar with the aim to clear your mind and reconnect with your Higher Self, your guides and angels, the Divine, the Cosmos or whoever inspires you spiritually. We have a selection of beautiful meditation stools that will help you sit comfortably with a straight spine. You can reconnect by meditating, chanting, reciting a mantra or praying.









And it is as simple as that… Having an altar in your room or house is a wonderful way to invite more serenity, love, compassion and connection in your space. By getting into the habit of looking after it and keeping it alive, it helps you commit to your spiritual path and reconnect with your spiritual Self.






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