Choosing a gift for a spiritual friend when you don’t know your chakras from your mandalas

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At this time of the year, our minds become increasingly focused on Christmas and we get busy thinking about what we could buy our friends and family.

One invaluable way of finding a present they may like is to think of their interests, hobbies, lifestyle and even personality traits. Do you have a friend who owns a caravan and goes camping at every opportunity? You could buy them a door mat with a pretty caravan design that would replace their old plain brown one. You could buy your beloved and slightly scatterbrain sister who keeps saying she needs to get organised an original diary/organiser.  And what about your work colleague who keeps dropping that ‘she’s feeling a bit out of sorts because the Cosmic energies are quite strong at the moment’ or your friend who tells you she just had a reiki session and feels grounded and connected now her chakras have been re-aligned? What about your relative who’s just come back from a 10 day Vipassana retreat? You know they all have something in common – they are all interested in spirituality – but what could you get them when you don’t know your chakras from your mandalas and your Om’s from your namaste’s ?

Let us help by suggesting some gift ideas for your spiritual friends. To make your life a little easier, we have also categorised them into price brackets.


Gifts up to £10:  low budget gifts, token gifts, secret santa gifts, stocking fillers

A keyring: Keyrings are easy and useful gifts. Choose one with the famous sacred Om symbol, which represents the sound of the Universe and creation and which will be recognised and appreciated by any vaguely spiritual person. Or you may prefer one with a symbol of protection, such as the Hand of Fatima/Hamsa or the Eye of Horus, of Middle Eastern/North African origin.  Browse through our keyrings here






A small inspirational sign such as one with the traditional Hindu greeting ‘namaste’, a reminder loosely meaning ‘my divine Soul recognises the divine Soul in you’. Or how about a colourful ‘Seize the day’ sign that reminds you to live in the moment and to make the most of each day? Alternatively, ‘I am Love’ or ‘Have Faith’ are deep spiritual reminders that require little explanation. Browse through our inspirational signs here.






A small colourful painting of a Buddha is also a good option even for non-Buddhists as many of us will appreciate the peace and harmony that the image of Buddha brings to a room. Browse through our Buddha collection here.






A chakra pendant necklace, displaying the seven colours of the chakras can be the perfect gift to any spiritual friend or family member who likes wearing bright colours. They will immediately recognise it for what it is. However, if you would like to be a little more adventurous with your gift, you could get them a necklace with an unalome symbol, a Buddhist symbol for spiritual enlightenment. They may not even know what it is and you could impress them with your knowledge and thoughtfulness!  Browse through our necklaces here.







Gifts between £10 and £20: mid budget gifts

A sign for the practising friend/relative such as ‘Shhh…spiritual awakening in progress’, ‘Shhh… meditation in practice’ or ‘I live, breathe and love YOGA’. This makes a nice gift for them to decorate their sacred space. They could even choose to use it with humour and hang it outside their bedroom or above their bed! Browse through our signs here.






A mantra sign such as the famous Buddhist mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ or with the general reminder ‘Love is all there is’. Browse through our mantra signs here.







A chakra plaque. Again, this should be a safe bet with spiritual people. The seven chakras are wheels of energy in our body, aligned along our spine. Each is represented by a symbol and a colour. A chakra plaque can remind people of their spiritual nature and prompt them to work on keeping their chakras balanced. Browse through our chakra plaques here.







Gifts over £20: higher budget gifts

A mandala painting, a beautiful hand painted diagram that represents the cosmos. Our mandalas are painted with predominant colours for each of the chakras. Choose the one that you think will most resonate with the person you are buying for. Follow your intuition. Browse through our mandalas here.






A piece of original spiritual art. If your friend or relative appreciates the art, then a spiritual painting may be the best gift for them. Browse through our spiritual art here.






A meditation stool. For those who enjoy meditation or those with the intention of starting to practise it. Meditating in a supported and comfortable position can make the practice so much easier! Browse through our meditations tools here.






A whole set of 7 mandalas (small size or larger size available), representing each of the seven colours of the chakras. A beautiful present to add colour and positive spiritual energies to any room. You can find our mandala sets here.






Of course, there are also other spiritual gift ideas, such as a deck of tarot or angel cards or even a voucher for a reiki, reflexology session or spiritual reading. Make sure you check the practitioner’s or psychic’s reputation, or even better, get a recommendation if you can.

Have a browse and follow your intuition!





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