11-11 meditation

11-11 (November 11 2017) Global Meditation

Following our August 2017 solar eclipse, Gaia (mother Earth) has been swamped with hyper-drive cosmic energies from our Galactic Centre. These energies are transformative both to ourselves and to Gaia. It is because of these energies that a brilliant light has shone a facet of truth on Hollywood paedophilia and the tax-avoidance schemes of the world’s richest and wealthiest celebrities and individuals. They have nowhere to hide because the light is too strong.

These energies are also transformative to our spiritual beings and many of us are being offered the opportunity to step into much higher and lighter vibrations of ourselves. These energies are asking us to make a choice on what we truly believe in, who we are and where we came from. We can make huge transformative steps within our spiritual journeys by simply widening our PERCEPTION on what is possible. Here in lies the secret behind the words ‘I am That I am’. It is all a question of allowance and perception.

Under normal circumstances, the energies of the numbers 11-11 hold tremendous power and have been covertly celebrated by occult groups such as Freemasons and many other secret societies. The upcoming 11-11 gateway or energy portals bring into this corner of our existence dispensation to see beyond the veil and to experience that which has been hidden or indeed, forgotten. Giant steps in spiritual evolvement are possible within the potentials of these gateway energies.

Find time to be alone or with friends for a special meditation (local) time frame on 11 November 2017. Sit down and go within between 10.50 – 11.20 am. Breathe deeply to settle yourself in and allow yourself to ‘fall into the void’. As you fall into the void allow yourself to merge with the Greater Cosmos. Visualise your crown chakra opening to receive the love and light of these immensely transformative cosmic waves of energies. Step through these portals of energies and feel the bliss of who you truly are and where you came from. This is a journey of remembrance and it is our lineage and birth-right.



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