Six essays on meditation, Part I

Part I - What is meditation?

When we meditate we go within and get in touch with our Higher Self. There are many different ways to meditate, yet each path leads back home to this inner dialogue. There is only one commitment to successful meditation and that is one of time – we must set aside a time and place to carry it out. Eventually, it will be possible to tailor and craft a meditation schedule that is right just for you.

Meditation invites us into the void of Creation with no expectation of anything happening. One is allowed to let go of this world which propels a meeting with Oneself, one’s Higher Self. As we go deeper and deeper within meditation we begin to sense a bright orb of Light. The trick is to allow this light into our consciousness without making up a drama and narrative around it. This bright orb of light is a portal or doorway to our Soul and we can only access it if we are free of thought and drama. This meeting between our 3D self and our Higher Self is a pivotal moment in our spiritual development. It may take some time to achieve this state of Connectedness. Some of us may struggle for lifetime after lifetime yet for others Divine Re-union is possible within the blink of an eye. Meeting your Higher Self is just one aspect of meditation and there is so much more to talk about and experience. It is your journey and you will intuitively know what you need to know as and when you need to know it.

From time to time I will post further information on meditation aids, what to wear, breath-work, how to approach meditation and discussion of meditation types including walking, working and sound frequency types etc. In any event, meditation is a state of Beingness not a state of Doingness. In truth, we need do nothing to achieve a state of Nirvana, yet remembrance of this is the challenge we all face when starting off on this grand Journey of Journeys. To be continued…….



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